Located in Seville (Spain), PIGXEL STUDIO has been working together with architects, developers and interior designers within the field of architectural communication since 2015.

PIGXEL STUDIO is a team of architects specialized in architectural rendering, 3D modeling, infographics and photorealistic visualization of architectural and real estate projects, urban design, civil works, etc.

Among our services, we design static images, 360° views and even 3D videos for commercial use.

Our objective is to enhance the value of your project both in terms of design and commercial success. Therefore, we work hand in hand with our clients during the design process, as well as in the selection of different viewpoints to get the most out of the project.

We are strongly committed to meeting delivery deadlines and we offer our clients a personalized experience at the best price.

What do we do?

  • CGI

  • Architectural Visualization

  • Rendering

  • Virtual tours 360

  • Animation and 3D Video

  • Photomontages

  • Postproduction

  • Interior design

  • Furniture design

  • Dossiers and commercial Videos